Shamika Goddard

Shamika is one part geek, one part nerd, and all parts heart. She loves learning and has turned her attention to programming. A full stack web developer with an emphasis on the back-end, Shamika also has experience in sales, customer service, and IT support. She made her first website in high school within two days in order to share pictures with her friends from math camp without any prior experience with HTML. Now with several websites and projects under her belt, she is looking to apply her skills to a good cause here in NYC.

For a taste of her talents, feel free to peruse one of the projects below. If you would like to get in touch with Shamika, please reach out and contact her!

Web Development Projects


Pokedex website

A simple pokedex for the first 151 Pokemon.


Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare site

A fun and friendly game of truth or dare for everyone to enjoy. And for those over 18, there's even more fun to be had!


Theologian Trading Cards

Theologian Trading Cards site

This fun project was born from creating motivational posters featuring theologians. Now everyone can collect their favorite theologians!


Mobile Development Projects

Grow with Google Android Basics Udacity Course Projects