Shamika Klassen

Shamika made her first website in high school within two days without any prior experience with HTML in order to share pictures with her friends from math camp. She loves learning and this portfolio captures her adventures in programming. For a taste of her talents, feel free to peruse one of the projects below. If you would like to learn about Shamika the Ph. D. Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder, check out her doctoral website.

E-ucharist App

Now you can use your phone to commune with the divine with the E-ucharist app.


By using techniques and skills I learned from the Grow with Google Udacity Mobile Development course, I was able to create this communion app. It is now available in the Google Play Store.


Though I submitted the iOS version of the app to the Apple Store as an Apple Developer, it was too simple to be accepted! 😅

Mobile Development Projects

Grow with Google Android Basics Udacity Course Projects

Web Development Projects

These projects were created during my time in the Coding Dojo Boot camp.


Pokedex website

A simple pokedex for the first 151 Pokemon from a Pokemon API. When you want to see the stats of a specif Pokemon, just hover!


Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare site

A fun and friendly game of truth or dare for everyone to enjoy. And for those over 18, there's even more fun to be had!


Theologian Trading Cards

Theologian Trading Cards site

This fun project was born from creating motivational posters featuring theologians. Now everyone can collect their favorite theologians!